Unit 9

1. Christine Miller. accclamation: (n.) cheering, applause
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When Lady Gaga won "Best Female Video" on the MTV Video Music Awards, she accepted with an acclamation from the crowd.
2. Bucolic- (adj) characteristic of the countryside, rural
Despite her now glamourous lifestyle, Taylor Swift grew up a normal girl in the bucolic town of Wyomissing.

3. Drew Deiing; calumniate-(v.) to slander; to accuse falsely and maliciously
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Triton students tend to calumniate and spread rumors about others on Facebook because they find it entertaining.

3. Richard Schiavone - Calumniate: (v.) to slander; to accuse falsely and maliciously


Many of my fellow classmatescalumniateTegan and Sara without even listening to them, but I still love them and their music.
4. Sam Cyliax. Chary- (adj.) very cautious or hesitant about something, wary.
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Although she was very hungry, the lion was very chary of attacking the gazelle because she knew how quick they were.
4. Scott Nickelsberg - chary: (adj.) extreamly cautious or hesitant; reserved
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Although they were chary at first, The Who eventually decided that they would go on tour one more time.

5. David Basile. collusion: (n.) a secret agreement, conspiracy
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Operation Valkyrie was a collusion to assassinate Hitler from within the German army.

5.) Steve Piccolo. collusion - (n.) a secret cooperation or conspiracy with the intentions of deceiving others, or the act of cooperating in such a conspiracy

Unbeknownst to US forces, the Taliban had replaced all of the American surface-to-air projectiles with stretchy balloons - an evil collusion indeed.
6.) Dana Schules. dilettante: (n.) a dabbler; a person who takes up an art, activity, or subject merely for amusement, especially in a desultory or superficial way.
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The young, aspiring artist stared at the dilettante of the class in discust because he was not taking the group project seriously.
7. Alicia Darcy. imperturbable: (adj.) not easily excited; emotionally steady

In order for the cat to meditate successfully, he must pause, become imperturbable, and resist all of the emotional outbursts he has when he sees a ball of string.

8. Joseph Connell. increment (n): an enlargement, increase
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When the viscostiy is high, the time it takes to flow rises in small increments.

9. Domenica Dowling.mandate (n.) an authoritative command or formal order
(v.) to issue a command
The court issued a mandate that the people had to follow.

10. Brenna Koehler. paltry (adj.): trifling, insignificant; mean, despicable; inferior, trashy
He only makes a paltry amount of money each year since a cashier is one of the lowest paying jobs you can acquire.

11. Anthony Caputi. paroxysm (n.) a sudden outburst, spasm, or convulsion
Meanwhile in Hockey GIF - Meanwhile in Hockey
Meanwhile in Hockey GIF - Meanwhile in Hockey

There was tension between the two hockey teams and it showed after a paroxysm of fights.

11. Julie Millisky. Paroxysm - (noun) random outburst, seizure, fit, spasm
Buddy had a joyous paroxysm when he found out that Santa was going to be visiting the toy store.
12. Katie Hogan. Pedantry (n). a showy display of learning
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The teacher's pedantry soon became very dull and almost half of the class fell asleep.

12. Devin Dromgoole. Pedantry (n.)- a pretenious display of knowledge

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When interacting with your boss, it is generally best to be modest and not act with pedantry.

13. Sara Sharp. Peregrination (n.) the act of traveling a foreign country, especially on foot
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Many people enjoy peregrinations in Europe because its so beautiful and there's so much to see, like the gorgeous Eiffel Tower.
14). Taylor Draham redolent adj. fragrant, smelling strongly, tending to arouse memories or create an aura.
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The redolent smell of the gingerbread cookies always reminded me of Christmas time with my family.

14. Monica Emma: redolent (adj): having a pleasant odor or fragrance; nostalgic or reminiscent of something.
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After a day at Grandma's house, the redolent aroma of her home-made cookies makes me never want to leave.
15.) Krista Meyermann. refulgent (adj.) shining, radiant, resplendent
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I find chinchillas' beautiful fur to be absolutely refulgent in the morning light.
16.) Sarah White. Shibboleth (n.): a word, expression, or custom that distinguishes a particular group of persons from all others; a slogan; catchword

external image Always-severus-snape-23388830-500-484.jpg

The word "always" became a shibboleth for Harry Potter fans around the world after it became Snape's catchphrase after he used that word when describing about his love for Lily Evans.

17. Pat Nelson: Tyro (n.): a beginner or someone with little to no background or experience.
It was obvious that the other teams defense was full of tyros when our running back juked them all out and scored 39,320 touchdowns in the first 5 minutes of the game.

17.) Amanda Hamilton. Tyro (n.): a beginner, neophyte; one with little or no background or experience

external image Little_Ballerina_s_at_Ballet_Bar.jpg
Because it was their first time taking ballet, I had to teach the tyros how to stretch at the bar.
18. Ramil Erasmo. unremitting (adj.) not stopping, maintained steadily, relentless
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The man's unremitting horse was able to overcome many obstacles with ease.
18. Lucy Lescota. Unremitting (adj.) not stopping, constant, never letting up
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With its unremitting cuteness, this kitten can rule the world.
19. Anthony DeAngelis. vacillate (v.) to swing indecisively from one idea to another
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Whether it be choosing the correct answer on a test or picking out our favorite cereal in the grocery store, we vacillate in crises every day.

20. Taylor Schmidt. vituperative (adj.) harshly abusive, severely scolding
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DYFS was called on the child's severely vituperative parents, and he was taken to a better home.
20.) Joe Kasprack. vituperative (adj.) harshly abusive, scurrilous
The angry man lost his temper and became very vituperative towards his family after he lost his job earlier that day.