Unit 7:

1. Sarah White - Allay: (v.) to calm or pacify, set to rest; to lessen or relieve

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The point of the patronus charm is to allay and alleviate the dark memories a dementor brings to its victims.
1. Monica Emma- allay:(v.) to calm, reduce, or alleviate the effect of something.
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Contrary to most people's annoyance of a fake British accent, I find them able to allay any stressful situation.
2. Julie Millisky. Bestial: (adj.) beastly; below human intelligence and sensibility, disgustingly brutal
At first I though Grendel was solely a bestial character, but now that we're reading the book I understand the reasons for which he kills.
3. convival (adj) festive or social; having fun together
Taylor Swift is such an outgoing person who can turn anything into a convival experience.
4. David Basile Coterie: (n.) an often close knit and exclusive circle of friends; a clique
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The coterie made of girls ostracized Sandy from the clique making her feel lonely.

5. Katie Hogan: Counterpart (n.) something or someone that closely resembles something else
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When people say I am the counterpart of Emma Watson my heart lights up a little bit.

My teacher is the female counterpart of
6. Taylor Draham: Demur (v.) to object or take exception to. (n.) an objection
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After hearing his sentance, the defendent stated that he had a demur, and that he was innocent.

7. Krista Meyermann. Effrontery (n.) shameless boldness, impudence
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Some of the algebra two honors students had the effrontery to have materials not relating to algebra two on their desks, not have their feet flat on the floor during assessments, and not be familiar with a Cartesian coordinate plane.

8.Christine Miller. Embellish: (v). to decorate or garnish
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The celebrity's jeans were embellished with rhinestones and jewels.

9) Richard Schiavone - Ephemeral: (adj.) lasting only a short time, short-lived.

Anyone's misery is ephemeral when all these corgis are on the way!
9.) Scott Nickelsberg- ephermeral: (adj.) lasting for a short time
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Although powerful, the ephermeral solar flare did not have enough time to damage the atmosphere.

10. Lucy Lescota. Felicitous - (adj.) Approproate, apt, well chosen; marked by well-being or good fortune, happy.
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The above picture is very felicitous for this sentence.

11. Ramil Erasmo. Furtive: (adj.) done stealthily, sneaky, secret; stolen
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Hiding within the confines of the rug was not the most furtive place for the ninja.
12.) Steve Piccolo. garish - (adj.) overly bright or showy
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Since all the infidels in Mr. O'Neill's class stole my idea and are posting rediculously garish .gifs, I am forced to go back to nice, tasteful pictures.
13.) Joe Kasprack. Illusory: (adj.) misleading, deceptive; lacking in or not based on reality
In "Coraline", the other versions of Coraline's parents have buttons for eyes and are quite illusory.
14. Alicia Darcy. Indigent: (adj.) needy, impoverished
Every year I participate in a walk for IHOC that raises money in order to help get indigent people off the streets and in temporary housing.

15. Sara Sharp. Inordinate: (adj.) extremely great, extravagant

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Our pets are pretty spoiled with all the inordinate affection we show them and the stuff we buy them.
16. Sam Cyliax. Jettison: (v) to cast overboard, get rid of as unnecessary or burdensome.
Image Detail
Image Detail

Since the fish was too small to keep, the fisherman was forced to jettison his catch back into the ocean.
17. Anthony Caputi. Misanthrope: (n.) a person who hates or despises people
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The man became a misanthrope and wanted to be alone when his employees would not stop bothering him.

17.Brenna Koehler. Misanthrope: (n.) a person who hates or despises people.
After spending the majority of his time at his home and not going outside very often, the community labeled him as a misanthrope.

18. Anthony DeAngelis. Pertinacious: (adj.) very persistent toward a purpose, course of action, or opinion.
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The pertinacious polar bears tried every possible way to reach the top of the tree.
18. Dana Schules. Pertinacious: (adj.) holding tenaciously to a purpose; stubborn or obstinate.
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During spirit week, Mrs. DeCosta becomes demanding and pertinacious so that the Class of 2013 will prevail over all the other grades.

19. Drew Deiling- Picayune (adj.) of little value or importance; concerned with trifling matters, small-minded.
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19. Devin Dromgoole- Picayune: (adj) of little value or importance; concerned with trifling matters, small- minded.
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I still can not accept Mr. O'Neill's opion that Scrubs is a show that only appeals to people with picayune minds.

Kelsey so often complained about people making fun of Taylor Swift that others began to ignore her picayune rants.
20.) Amanda Hamilton- Raiment (n.): clothing, garments
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When my class danced to song Thriller, we had to tear up our raiment’s so we looked like zombies.
20. Pat Nelson- Raiment (n.): clothing, garments.

I was at a party when a man who was clearly drunk out of his mind took off his raiments and ran down the street and into a car.