1. Krista Meyermann. Acuity: (n.) sharpness (particularly of the mind or senses)
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The elderly man's reflexes lacked acuity, resulting in a minor fender bender.

2. Domenica Dowling. Delineate: (v.) to portray. sketch, or describe in accurate and vivid detail; to represent pictorially.
A great artist will always delineate their drawings to the finest details.

2. Drew Deiling. Delineate (v.) to portray or describe vividly and precisely

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The charades player must delineate his word as accurate as possible without speaking.
3. Devin Dromgoole. Depraved: (adj) marked by evil or corruption; deviod of moral principle
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Many people would consider the "Saw" movies depraved.

4. Anthony Caputi. Enervate: (v.) to weaken or lessen the mental, moral, or physical vigor of
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The football player enervated the opponent in order to help his team.

5. Sarah White. Esoteric (adj.) intended or understood by only a select few; private, secret

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Santana used to be an open individual, but became very esoteric when she came to realize her sexuality.

6. Julie Millisky. Fecund- (adjective) capable of producing a large amount of offspring, teeming ; intellectually creative and productive

Kate Gosling is obviously fecund if she can have eight kids.

7. Katie Hogan. Fiat: (n.) an arbitrary order, command, or decree
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Professor Umbridge instituted several fiats that constricted the students of Hogwarts.

8.) Alicia Darcy. Figment: (n.) a delusion or creation of the mind
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The big purple dinosaur I thought was chasing me was actually just a figment of my imagination.

8. Monica Emma. Figment: (n.) the product of ones mental fabrication or invention.
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Although Squidward thought his fantasy of driving the cardboard box was just a figment of his imagination, it turned out to actually be moving.

9.) Sam Cyliax. Garner: (v.) to gain as the result of effort, to obtain and store for use in the future.

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Before every winter, a squirrel will garner enough nuts to last him though the season.

9. Christine Miller. Mundane: (adj.) ordinary or routine

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Facebook had become very mundane and that is why i prefer Tumblr.

10.) Joe Kasprack. Hallow: (v.) to set apart as holy or sacred, sanctify, consecrate; to honor greatly, revere


The Deathly Hallows were hallowed by all who knew about and believed in them since they were some of the most powerful objects in the world.

11.) Steve Piccolo. Idiosyncrasy: (n.) A mode of behavior or way of thought peculiar to an individual
Spring board jump gone wrong
Spring board jump gone wrong

Unfortunately, it has become an idiosyncrasy of mine to include a GIF with all of my entries from now on.

12.) Ramil Erasmo. Ignominy: (n.) shame and disgrace

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The wild pitch left the acclaimed player in a state of ignominy.

12. Kelsey Tannock-Ignominy (n) great humiliation or disgrace
Even when bawling in public, Taylor Swift manages to avoid ignominy, whereas I do not.
13) Richard Schiavone - Mundane (adj) earthly, worldly; concerned with what is ordinary, routine
Squidward was so bored of his mundane job that he wore an "I Really Wish I Weren't Here Right Now" button.

14. Joseph Connell. Nuance(n) a subtle or slight variation, a delicate gradation or shade of difference

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When I went to my aunt's house the only thing i could think of was the nuance in the furniture.

14. Lucy Lescota. (n.) a subtle or slight variation - as in color, meaning, or quality - delicate gradation or shade of difference

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In nature, it is not uncommon to see nuances in scenery.

15. Taylor Draham. overweening(adj) conceited, presumptuous; excessive, immoderate.
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Regina George from Mean Girls was overweening.

16. David Basile penchant: (n.) a strong attraction or inclination
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Magnets of opposite poles are penchant to each other.
17.) Amanda Hamilton. Reputed: (adj). according to reputation, supposed, alleged.

external image Films-goodfellas.jpg
The four lovely men in the picture above were all in a huge movie about the mob and have reputedly been linked to an organized crime family.
18.) Dana Schules. Sophistry: (n.) reasoning that seems plausible but is actually unsound; a fallacy
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Unferth's clever sophistry almost convinced the Dane population to not put their fate in the hands of a heroic Geat, but Beowulf proved his gallant stories to be true.

18. Sara Sharp. Sophistry: (n.) reasoning that seems plausible but is actually unsound.
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Daniel tried to use sophistry to get himself out of the situation but it just got him in more trouble.

19.) Pat Nelson. Sumptuous: (adj.) costly, rich, magnificent
The sumptuous stadium that the Yankees built will not help them beat the Phillies this year.

19.) Brenna Koehler. Sumptuous: (adj.) lavish
On the red carpet, celebrities always were sumptuous outfits.

20.) Anthony DeAngelis. Ubiquitous: (adj.) existing or being everywhere.
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On the verdant hills of New Zealand, sheep seem to be ubiquitous.
20.) Scott Nickelsberg. ubiquitous: (adj.) present or existing everywhere
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The ubiquitous agency is always watching.

4.Taylor Schmidt. Eneverate: (v.) to weaken or damage the mental, moral, or physical energy of something;
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The runner's leg was eneverated after falling in the long jump, preventing him from finishing the competition.