Unit 15:

1.) Dana Schules. amenity (n.) that which is pleasant or agreeable; an agreeable way or manner.
external image campfire.jpg

Campfires can leave an unpleasant smell afterward but because I was with my best friends, amenity was present.

2. Taylor Schmidt. aperture (n.) an opening, gap, hole; orifice
external image 1.1238498580.sinking-boat-in-hoi-an.jpg
We had to swim to shore after water had entered through the aperture in our canoe, causing it to sink.
2. Stephen Piccolo. aperture (n.) - a gap, hole, or opening; an orifice
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTmY2BYSIUg_KvlKT6yCQVL2AM_lHBTUJ5qOv_NE85w16Atjc9ULg
The net was completely innefective in preventing baseballs from hitting fans because of the small aperture in the center.
3. Scott Nickelsberg. dissidence (n.): a difference of opinion; discontent
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTxxNiXXqqtQO2wxtaqqO-eVcLcx_KUPzpf1vGfLAoReZuCVxcxEg
The dissidence felt by the people was strong enough to cause a revolution.

3. Sara Sharp. dissidence (n.): a diffence of opinion: discontent
external image 51PuYIHWUDL._SX500_SY500_.jpg
There is dissidence between the the Sea Shepherds and the whalers; the shepherds thinking what the whalers do is completely wrong and the whalers seeing the Paul Watson as a trouble maker.

4. Domenica Dowling. Epicurean (adj.) devoted to the pursuit of pleasure; fond of good food. (n) a person with discriminating tastes
The epicurean enjoyed every course in the Thanksgiving feast.

5. Christine Miller. Improvident (adj.) extravagent, not thrifty
external image zzzprox.jpg
My uncle is so improvident that even after winning the lottery, he went bankrupt.

5. Julie Millisky. Improvident (adj.)- not having or showing foresight; thoughtless, wasteful, careless
My cousin is improvident with the money she earns from work, where as I save all my tips and spend it carefully.

6. Devin Dromgoole. Iniquity (n.)- a grossly immoral act; a crime

external image caric_nixon_cartoon_dog.jpg
Many people felt that President Nixon's Watergate scandal was an inquity,and nothing he could do would redeem his reputation.
6. Monica Emma. iniquity: (n.) wickedness; Absence of moral or spiritual values or an unjust act.
external image wizard-of-oz.jpg
Many religious phanatics believed that The Wizard of Oz was an iniquity for its evil characters and non-religious message.

7. inviolable (adj)-sacred, of such character that it must never be broken, injured, or profaned

All of my Taylor Swift merchandise is of utmost value to me; everything is inviolable and irreplacable.

7) Lucy Lescota. Inviolable (adj.) sacred; of such a character that it must not be broken,
external image 512m%2BYzMGWL.jpg
While studying for the history A.P. exam, students will treat this book like it is inviolable.

8. Katie Hogan. mutable (adj.) open to or capable of change
external image due-date-movie-wallpapers-1920x1080-1.jpg
I always liked teachers who were mutable in respect to due dates, especially when we have a lot of work for other classes.

8) Richard Schiavone - Mutable - (adj)- open to or capable of change


The man was not very mutable, because if anyone pitched a new idea to him, he would just smile and drive away, and Bert from Sesame Street would just sit there in the backseat and stare at them.

9. Krista Meyermann. Nascent (adj.): just beginning to exist or develop; having just come into existence.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT79gjjsjJxknuj5dPEC3NyCXtcHBIOGuPjcDW5xCoxxjdPv7I_Fg

I was began to shake my head when I discovered the nascent fashion of yoga shorts worn as casual attire.

10. Brenna Koehler. obeisance (n.): a deep bow or other body movement indicating respect
When greeting the Queen, it is important for one to respectively obeisance.

11. Joseph Connell. panegyric (n.): formal or elaborate praise; tribute
external image 262879-members-of-green-day-introduce-the-band-guns-n-roses-as-they-are-induc.jpg
Billie Joe Armstrong, frontman of the band Green Day, gave a panegyric at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to honor the induction of Guns n Roses into the Hall of Fame.

12. Alicia Darcy. Pillory (v.): to expose to public contempt or ridicule


In order to try to pillory Hester Pryne, the church made her wear a scarlet letter "A" on her garments.

13. David Basile. Pittance (n): a meager wage or portion, trifle

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSacEMrxoamPzRbUpUnkLGhs1sTkv0GW1ntZ8FipP1FYfTnmk6y
Mr. Krabs is so cheap that he pays a pittance to his employees who work endless hours.
Drew Deiling. Pittance (n): a very small or inadequate amount of money paid to someone as an allowance or wage
external image careeropportunities043lc7.png
In the movie Career Opportunities, Jim makes a pittance, considering he only makes $4.44 an hour.

14. Pat Nelson. Presage (v.): to foreshadow or point to a future event.
The cold wind and colder weather presaged that fall was coming, and the trees would soon lose their leaves.

15. Sarah White. Progeny (n.): descendants, children, offspring, followers.

external image tumblr_lbrhilv95u1qa0a8uo1_500.jpg

Although they look like your average group of kids, these children are actually the progeny of magnificent wizard Harry Potter, and his wife, Ginny Weasley.
16. Taylor Draham Promulgate (v.) to explain or issue officially; to make known far and wide
external image 200px-Us_declaration_independence.jpg
The Declaration of Independence was the United States formal promulgate telling the king of England of their newly declared independence.
17. Ramil Erasmo. rectitude (n.) morally correct behavior or thinking; righteousness

external image funny-gifs-weight-lifting-on-a-motorcycle.gif

The weight lifting motorcyclist was a person of unquestionable rectitude.

17. Anthony DeAngelis. Rectitude (n.) uprightness, righteousness; correctness
external image adam-west.jpg
Batman is a person of absolute rectitude and he protects Gotham City from evildoers.

18). Sam Cyliax. Restive (adj.): restless, hard to manage, balky.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT4qu66Ur5LXtJEypAaFJO-rtqr6psDNIaZJxgOyLs1WJ0MGZtyr2-rxlw_
The restive child would not sit still, and the babysitter could not keep track of him.

19.) Amanda Hamilton. Seraphic (adj.): angelic, cherubic, heavenly.
external image baby.jpg
The seraphic baby looked so peaceful while she dreamed sweet dreams.

19. Anthony Caputi. Seraphic (adj.): angelic, heavenly, celestial
Sneaky Child GIF - Sneaky Child
Sneaky Child GIF - Sneaky Child

The boy seemed to admire the seraphic smile of the news reporter.

20.) Joe Kasprack subsist (v.) to have existence; to remain alive, manage to make a living or maintain life; to persist or continue
The legacy of the "Angry Asian Guy" picture will subsist and his role as a father, man, neighbor, etc. will never be forgotten. R.I.P. vocab wiki ~ 2011-2012.