1.Julie Millisky Beatific- (adj) blissful, ecstatic, transcendent
When Allison played peeka-boo with her baby daughter, she always received this beatific expression.
2.Taylor Draham Behemoth- (N) a creature of enormous size, power, or appearance
external image trex.jpg
The T-Rex was a behemoth, no other creature's strength could beat it.

2) Samantha Hamilton. Behemoth (n.): a creature of an enormous size or power.
external image AyuthayaElephantAndMotorcycle.jpg
Behemoth creatures, like the elephant, are a great way of transportation in certain countries.

3. Alicia Darcy. Blandishment (n.): anything designed to flatter or coax; sweet talk, apple-polishing

When someone wants to reach the top of the ladder, they often have to use subtle blandishment with those superior to them to become recognized.

4.) Joe Kasprack cacophonous (adj.): harsh-sounding, raucous, discordant, dissonant
The man was cacophonous as he yelled at his neighbor's child for dropping ice cream on his garden gnome, eventual causing the child to cry.
4.) Steve Piccolo. cacophonous (adj.): harsh, mean; scolding or overbearing
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR_h0SpuskWpNrWEninvQs2nh1zAp1kgnmXTcQ4exzs8w6FWaNFcg
Even though JFK and LBJ seemed to have a good relationship on the outside, JFK actually thought LBJ was a bit cacophonous, and secretly despised him for his irritating Texas personality.
5) Richard Schiavone. chicanery - (n) trickery, double-dealing
This penguin relied on a very simple form of chicanery to play a joke on his buddy.
6. Christine Miller. Consign (v.): to give over to another's care, control, or charge
external image OfficialBabysitting.gif
When going out, the parents consign taking care of their children to a babysitter.

7. Anthony DeAngelis. Coup (n.): a sudden seizure of power; a highly successful act, plan, or stratagem
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The dogs staged a coup against their owner and were able to take control of the television.

8. Domenica Dowling. Euphemism: (n). a mild or inoffensive expression used in place of a harsh or unpleasant one.

Car dealerships usually use the word "pre-owned" as an euphemism to describe a used car because it sounds better to say a car was pre-owned than to say it was used.

9. Sam Cyliax. Fenrile- (adj.): feverish; pertaining to or marked by fever, frentic


The young child was developing fenrile symptoms, so her mother decided to keep her out of school.

10. David Basile gainsay (v): to deny, contradict, oppose
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSpcILv2IaAZdXMreOvF1f7jbTephS5mmEJUF-_lU7gSClozZTt
Nixon was gainsay about being part of the Watergate scandal until the Smoking Gun Tape was found.

11. Sara Sharp. imminent: (adj.) about to happen, threatening
external image hunger-games__oPt.jpg
Everyone who goes into the Hunger Games realizes the imminent death of one of the tributes.

12. Krista Meyermann. Innate (adj.) natural, inborn, inherent; built-in
external image fat-leopard-exercise.jpg
Many believe that athleticism comes from innate ability, however, regular exercise is essential for everyone.

13. Ramil Erasmo. loath (adj.) unwilling, reluctant, disinclined
external image funny-gifs-base-jumping-the-russian-way.gif
The loath base jumper was reluctant in following basic safety precautions.
14. Drew Deiling. Manifest (adj.) clear, evident to the eyes or mind (n.) a list of cargo and/ or passengers (v.) to show plainly, exhibit

external image 20110822-RTR2Q2HF-china-basketball-.jpg

It was manifest to the team that they were going to lose, so they began to play dirty.
14) Devin Dromgoole. Manifest (v) - to show plainly, exhibit, evince; (adj)- clear, evident; (n)- a list of cargo/ passengers
external image Woodrow_Wilson-HE.jpg
During World War I, President Woodrow Wilson tried to manifest to the world that the United States was going to remain neutral.

15.Pat Nelson minutiae (n.) small or trivial details.

This girl clearly didn't know the minutiae of gravity, what goes up, must come down.

15. Katie Hogan. minutiae (n.) small and trifling matters
external image Wedding-planner-advising-the-bride1.jpg
At my sister's wedding, my mother was so preoccupied with minutiae details like fixing flowers and seating the guests that she didn't even enjoy herself.

16. Dana Schules. Moratorium (n.) a suspension of activity; an official waiting period; period of delay
external image principal.gif

The principal authorized a moratorium on senior activities due to the outlandish senior prank.

17. Lucy Lescota. Nostrum (n.) an alleged cure-all; a remedy or scheme of questionable effectiveness

external image Old_Radithor.png
In the early 1900's, Radithor was considered to be a nostrum, untill its creator died from radiation.

Pariah (noun). one who is rejected by a social group or organization
Believe it or not, as a child Taylor Swift was treated like a pariah at school and wasn't accepted by the other kids because she was different.

Monica Emma: Visionary(adj.) not practical, lacking realism. (n.) a dreamer or seer characterized by vision or foresight.
external image Martin-Luther-King-Jr.-Trivia-300x212.jpg
Martin Luther King Jr. was a visionary who advocated social and racial justice in 1960s America. It was through him that the Civil Rights movement got its start.

20. Joseph Connell: wizened(adj., part.) dry, shrunken, and wrinkled(usually as a result of aging)
external image Wrinkled+apple+94100.jpg
After several days the wizened apple became inedible and had to be thrown away.