Unit 13

1.) Taylor Schmidt. abstruse: (adj.) extremely difficult to understand
external image chalkboard.jpg
The boy could not comprehend the elaborate, abstruse math equation his teacher had written on the board.

1. Brenna Koehler: abstruse (adj): esoteric; difficult to understand
external image doctor.jpg
While explaining her illness, her doctor used very abstruse words that she couldn't understand.

2. Pat Nelson. affront: (n.) an open or intentional insult; (v.) to insult to one;s face

My dog felt like it was an affront when i would make him beg for a treat in front of company, eventually he taught me a lesson.

3.Kelsey Tannock canard: (n) a false rumor, fabricated story
Taylor Swift herself has confirmed that the stories of her and Zac Efron dating were merely a canard.

4. Sara Sharp. Captious (adj.): ready to find fault with, petty criticism
external image 700-00155780w.jpg
The captious group of girls were constantly finding things wrong with other people so they had something to talk about.

5. Krista Meyermann. Cognizant (adj.) aware, knowledgeable, informed; having jurisdiction.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQEmxg8RIoge-D_EkMttws-rY1grpTd59tA0TKT2fGgQE9gQcnA
A lawyer's portrayal is important because they must appear to be cognizant of the law and the rights of their clients.

5. Christine Miller. Cognizant (adj.) informed, well aware
external image For-Friends.jpg
In order to be a tour guide at an art museum you must be cognizant in art and it's history.
6. Taylor Draham contrite (adj) regretful for some misdeed or sin.
external image prison_rape.jpg
After his jail sentance, the man felt truely contrite for the crime he had committed.

6. Monica Emma- contrite (adj.):plagued by a sense of guilt. Remorseful.
external image claudius-prayer.jpg
Before Hamlet attempts to stab Claudius, he realizes the king's contrite pennance and decides to wait for a time when Claudius is not able to repent prior to his demise in the hopes of sending him to hell.
7. Anthony Caputi. cynosure (n.): center of attraction, attention, or interest
Having Fun With a Friend GIF - Having Fun With a Friend
Having Fun With a Friend GIF - Having Fun With a Friend

The boys became the cynosure of the skate park when they pulled off their newest trick.

7. Steve Piccolo. cynosure (n.): the center of attention; main attraction
360 Tea-Bag GIF - 360 Tea-Bag
360 Tea-Bag GIF - 360 Tea-Bag

The man replaced Jeremy Lin as the cynosure of basketball after pulling off his legendary move - The 360 Head Twister(which is called that, even though he does a 540 because it has a "better ring to it".

8. Katie Hogan. decorous (adj.) dignified, socially proper
external image PED1223.jpg
After hours of practice for the ceremony, the graduates acted in a decorous and mature manner.

8. Julie Millisky. decorous- (adj)- well behaved, seemly, becoming
My mother tells me over and over again to act more like a decorous woman and less like a barbaric animal while eating dinner.

9. Dana Schules. deign (v.): to think it appropriate or suitable to one's dignity to do something.
external image 8554976_448x252.jpg
After hearing about the Kevin McGuire Case, Taylor Swift deigned to reply to Kevin's prom request with a return invitation to her country music awards instead.

10. David Basile. desiccated (adj.): dehydrated, thoroughly dried out; arid
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRHXfy8_hHJEVvL6Od4FEQIO8ZF3scEBZdROMkRG47tolKHpp5cZQ
Although Wile e Cyote lives in a desiccated region he is able to receive Acme products almost instantly.

10. Sam Cyliax. Desiccated (adj.): having the characteristic of very dry and arid, dehydrated.

Image Detail
Image Detail

After going almost two days with no water in the desiccated desert conditions, the man needed water immediately or he would die.
11. Drew Deiling, efficacy (n.) the power to produce a desired result

external image drugs55.jpg

The efficacy of the new drug has not been proven, but is expected to be in the near future.

12. Ramil Erasmo. engender (v.) to bring into existence, give rise to, produce
external image snail_by_luchkina.gif
Despite technology's snail pace, we are now able to use technology to engender the snail's pace into one that is equivalent to a jet.
13. Joseph Connell - ethereal(adj.):light, airy; highly refined; heavenly
external image chocolate-cake.jpg
The cake at my cousins birthday party was ethereal and very tasty.

14) Richard Schiavone - facade (n) - the front of a building, a surface appearance, a pretense.
Despite a lazy and aloof facade, Wally secretly had amazing backwards-walking skills that would, one day, save his life.
14) Devin Dromgoole- facade (n) - a front or outer appearance, especially a deceptive one
external image eisenhower.jpg
Despite putting on a facade of "massive retalliation," President Dwight D. Eisenhower's policy towards communism was actually "containment".
15) Amanda Hamilton. ghoulish (adj.): revolting in an unnatural way

external image Isabella-2F.jpg
The ghoulish looking picture hanging over the fireplace at my aunt's house always gives me the creeps.

16. Alicia Darcy Incongruous (adj.): not in keeping, unsuitable, incompatible

In a large field of tents, the igloo constructed by a confused Indian was very incongruous.

17.) Joe Kasprack. machination (n.): a crafty, scheming, or underhanded action designed to accomplish some (usually evil) end.
Doctor Professor Sharklord, also known as Stormageddon (dark lord of all things), had his machination to end the human race by eating every single person discomfited by Captain Beard-O as he climbed out of Doctor Professor Sharklord's stomach after his crew captured the dark lord. Captain Beard-O's victory against Doctor Professor Sharklord showed the world that they had nothing to fear, as did the news that him and his crew went on to eat Doctor Professor Sharklord for dinner the following evening.

18. Sarah White. Mesmerize (v.): to hypnotize or entrance; to fascinate, enthrall, bewitch


Harry was mesmerized by the intricate spins of Hermione's time turner, until he was smacked in the hand.

18. Anthony DeAngelis. mesmerize (v.): to hypnotize, entrance; fascinate, bedazzle
external image Mesmerized.jpg
The baby was mesmerized by the fascinating flames flickering on the candles.

19. Scott Nickelsberg. opprobrium (n.): disgrace arising from shameful conduct
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSvORLKSygKbu1PAGpVr18CKSikOsAPMTWnwnf8C-6q11b01fU_

When the opprobrium becomes that bad, there is no choice but to isolate the person so others do not see it.

20. Lucy Lescota. Putative(adj)- generally regarded as such; reputed, presumed
external image sunrise.gif
It is putative that in a few hours the sun will rise.