Unit 11:

1. Domenica Dowling. Abrogate: (v.) to repeal or make something null or void.
The Kansas-Nebraska Act did abrogate the Missouri Compromise of 1820, by letting slavery be chosen by popular sovereignty instead of prohibiting it.

2. Joe Kasprack Ambient: (adj.) completely surrounding, encompassing
The ambient snow left the cat unable to do much besides move its tail.

2. Joseph Connell. ambient(adj): completely surrounding, encompassing
external image 20111111-154043-363762.jpg
The ambient noise at the Foo Fighters concert was so loud that I couldn't hear well for several hours after the show ended.

3. Ramil Erasmo. Asperity: (n.) roughness severity; bitterness or tartness
external image wpid-OGUtz1.gif
The overwhelming asperity of the slap was able to give the man a full grown beard within seconds.

4. Sara Sharp. Burnish: (v.) to make smooth or glossy (n.) gloss, bightness, luster
external image Silver-Tarnish.gif
If you do not wear your silver jewelry it will begin to to tarnish and will lose the burnish it once had.
4. Lucy Lescota. burnish(v): to make smooth or glossy by rubbing, polish, shine.
external image ESCI219IGNROC002.jpg
After burnishing the obsidian I found in Hawaii, it became very shiny.

5. Krista Meyermann. Cabal (n.): a small group working in secret
There's no cabal.png
There's no cabal.png

Although the man was accussed of leading a cabal plotting to overthrow the government, he maintained his innocence.

6. Katie Hogan. Delectable-(adj.) delicious, savory; (n.) an especially appetizing meal or delicious food
external image monsoon_dessert.jpg
The raspberry dessert I ordered at the restaurant was so delectable I had to slow myself down so I'd be able to taste each and every bite.
6. Devin Dromgoole. Delectable (adj)- delicously flavored, delightful; (n)- an appealing or appetizing food or dish
external image Pumpkin-Creme-Brulee.jpg
The crème brûlée that the chef made was famous for being one of the most delectable dishes in the entire city.

7. Drew Deiling. Deprecate (v.) to express mild dissapproval; to belittle
external image s110213_12hockey-pg-horizontal.JPG
The coach deprecated his best player for the way he was playing recently, but was not completely upset because he understands that players can go through slumps.
8. Monica Emma: detritus: (n.) loose bits and pieces of material resulting from disintegration or wearing away.
Since the sinking of the Titanic nearly 100 years ago, the remnants of the ship have decayed into a mere detritus of its original form.
9. ebullient: (adj.)-overflowing with enthusiasm and excitement; boiling; bubbling
Before and throughout Taylor Swift's entire concert, Katie and I were ebullient; we yelled and cheered in hopes of getting chosen for the T-Party.

10. Alicia Darcy. Eclectic (adj.): drawn from different sources; (n.) one whose beliefs are drawn from various sources
The decorator's style was clearly eclectic because she filled the room with furniture from many time periods and styles.

11. Julie Millisky. Flaccid - (adj.) not firm, soft, flabby, limp
When Arnold Schwarzenegger got older and stopped working out, his muscles turned from firm to flaccid.

12. David Basile. impecunious - (adj.) penniless, having little or no money

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQfMy8s8hync3UG1HBi_nzikBPyJSxT9XlljCvI6wMaApvvD-dWXw
Since, he lost his job the impecunious man was unable to pay for anything.
12. Dana Schules. impecunious- (adj.) having little or no money; poor; penniless
external image Nipomo-CA-Dorothea-Lange.jpg

Due to the Great Depression during the 1930's, many people who were already indebt became impecunious and homeless.

13. Christine Miller. inexorable (adj.): unyielding, inflexible
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSLkPjTTR6DuNurYxIAGHBambs2igxopBy3ygnDLbmlzUewQGUBsw
Even with the help of Wiglaf, Beowulf could not change his enexorable fate of being murdered by the dragon.
14. Scott Nickelsberg. moribund (adj.): dying; on the way out
external image 2012-cartoon1.jpg
Now that it is 2012, many people think that the human race is moribund even though these predictions have no backing.

15. Sarah White. Necromancer (n.): one who claims to reveal or influence the future through magic, especially communication with the dead; in general, a magician or wizard.

external image Sybil-Trelawney-hogwarts-professors-7621971-1280-1024.jpg

Sybill Trelawny could be seen as a necromancer, despite the fact that she doesn't have much communication with the dead, because she has revealed many prophecies that have influenced various significant future events.

16. Taylor Draham onerous-(adj) burdensome, involving hardship or difficulty
external image homeless.jpg-thumb.png
The man living on the street overcame his onerous lifestyle by getting a job, saving his money and buying an apartment .
16. Sam Cyliax. onerous - (adj.) difficult; causing frustration or hardship
One of My Worst Fears GIF - One of My Worst Fears
One of My Worst Fears GIF - One of My Worst Fears

Doing homework on the internet without Google would be quite onerous.
16.) Steve Piccolo. onerous - (adj.) difficult; causing frustration or hardship
Troll pocket.
Troll pocket.

No matter what the soccer coach tried, he could not get his freezing cold hand into that onerous pocket of his.

17. Anthony DeAngelis. rife (adj.): common, widespread, happening often; abundant
external image Seattle-Rain.gif
During wintertime, rain is rife in Seattle, but thunder is rare and heard approximately seven times a year.

17) Richard Schiavone - rife (adj.): common, widespread, abundant, happening often


While many people would think that hockey has no funny players, Flyers goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov proves them wrong, as his "words of wisdom" are rife with humor.

18. Pat Nelson. rudiments (n.): the parts of any subject that are learned first; the earliest stages of anything.
After learning the rudiments of jump rope R2 began to freestyle and showed off his mad skills.

18.Taylor Schmidt. rudiments (n.pl.) the parts of any subject or discipline that are learned first; the earliest stages of anything.
external image 1113002197342_500X500.jpg
Before joining his first baseball team, the boy first had to learn the rudiments and concepts of the game.

19. Anthony Caputi. sequester (v.): to set apart, separate for a special purpose
Gorilla Mom Disapproves GIF - Gorilla Mom Disapproves
Gorilla Mom Disapproves GIF - Gorilla Mom Disapproves

The mom gorilla sequestered her baby when she saw him playing with a human child.
20) Amanda Hamilton. Winnow (v.): to get rid of something unwanted, delete.
external image donating-clothes-thumb18224213.jpg

I winnowed all my old clothes that didn’t fit me anymore and gave them to Purple Heart.

20) Brenna Koehler. Winnow (v.) to delete, to strain
external image editing-paper.jpg

The teacher makes us write rough drafts for every paper and have 2 different people edit them in order for our mistakes to winnow and have a well-written paper.